Anthony’s School Of Floral Designs Of Texas At San Antonio

Mr. Anthony C. Tobias

Mr. Anthony C. Tobias

T.M.F. Texas Certified Master Florist, R.M.C. Redbook Master Consultant

Director and Instructor of Anthony’s School of Floral Designs of Texas at San Antonio, floral business owner, author of “Floral Designs, The Art Of Designing With Flowers” has taught at several other institutions and has lectured to over 2000 students in the floral industry.

Anthony’s School of Floral Designs of Texas at San Antonio was established in 1987 and we take pride in providing each student with personal one-on-one teaching to maintain the highest-quality educational standards. We work with each student every step of the way to ensure that every student receives the education needed to make the best floral arrangements. (Please refer to our testimonial area)

Our school is conveniently located in the heart of downtown San Antonio and in the following pages you can find information about our institution, including the courses offered, sessions available, school tuition, a payment plan if needed, class materials, job placement, services offered by the school and instructor’s qualifications and biography. If you have any questions please feel free to call or drop us a line on the form provided below or in the contact area of this web site. We look forward to hearing from you.

Below are listed our teaching business hours, however please note, we only see candidates interested in enrolling by appointment only.

PLEASE: Call us at (210) 772-2900 to book an appoinment. We are not available for interviews or enrollment without first calling.