Director/Instructor Biography

Mr. Tobias studied Dental Laboratory Technology At the University of Texas At San Antonio. He later transfered over to Southwest School of Medicine and graduated as a Medical Laboratory Technician and went on to work and devoted almost 10 years to one of the largest medical health firms in the United States.

In 1980 Mr. Tobias went into a small flower shop to make a purchase of flowers. Intrigued by the vast assortment of flowers and floral arrangements available, Mr. Tobias offered to work part-time at the floral shop on his days off from the medical firm. Conversely, he also worked at other floral shops, attended floral competitions, seminars and workshops relating to the floral industry. He did this in his spare time in order to fulfill his thirst for knowledge of the floral industry.

In 1981 Mr. Tobias went on to open Anthony’s Floral Designs & Gifts, a full service floral business. In 1987 Mr. Tobias graduated from Texas School of Floral Designs located in San Antonio, Texas and shortly afterwards went on to open Anthony’s School of Floral Designs of Texas At San Antonio, a full service floral school. A strong believer in education Mr. Tobias commuted from San Antonio to Austin,Texas to attend the Texas Master Florist Program and in 1988 graduated as a Texas Master Florist.

In December of 1989 the Monterrey Association of Florist’s of Mexico cordially invited Mr. Tobias to attend and represent the United States on a panel of floral designers from around the world. The Monterrey Association also awarded Mr .Tobias for his artistic work and his leadership in the floral industry. In this same year Mr. Tobias was accepted and inducted as a Redbook Master Consultant and has earned more diplomas in the floral industry than any other florist in San Antonio, Texas. Mr. Tobias has also written several articles and editorials in the quarterly newsletters, known as the National Florist Exchange, a floral trade publication.

Mr. Tobias is known as an author, writer, designer, instructor and director in the floral industry and his love and devotion to the floral industy has made a large impact in the industry. He now invites you to share in his love, devotion and passion for this special art at Anthony’s School of Floral Designs of Texas At San Antonio.