Here’s what our past students have to say…

“I would like to commend Anthony’s School of Floral Designs of Texas At San Antonio for the very fine job in training me for the ever expanding floral industry. Mr. Tobias is a very fine instructor. His teaching ability goes far beyond that of your ordinary teacher. His testing techniques are very satisfactory. I came away from the class with a real sense of accomplishment. I would highly recommend it to anybody who has a real desire to learn all of the latest techniques in the floral arranging, sincerely”
– Lisa Lucas- San Antonio, Texas

“I completed the floral design course offered by Anthony’s School of Floral Designs of Texas At San Antonio. My goal was to learn the basic mechanics of putting together an arrangement. Upon graduation, I had achieved more than the basic skills. This school is run in a very professional manner and I would recommend it to anyone interested in floral arranging.”
– Elaine Simpson, San Antonio, Texas

“I am writing this letter to thank you for taking the time and having the patience in teaching me the basics in the course of floral arranging.You also made sure I mastered the lessons in each section before we moved to the next portion. It has been a pleasure learning from a “great” master florist and I look forward to taking an advanced course from you in the near future.
– Ann Marie Munoz, San Antonio, Texas

“Just a note to let you know I enjoyed your class. You are a nice and patient person and a very good teacher. Thank you for everything.”
– Peggy Hardt, Hondo, Texas

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge, experience and love of flowers with me. I have gained so much from knowing you, always.”
– Nadine, San Antonio, Texas

“Thanks for taking so much time and consideration on my part of learning. I feel that you are a wonderful teacher, no doubt about that.”
– Mr. Tommy Jr. Megan J., San Antonio,Texas

“I have really enjoyed the class, even the tests. You have made this learning experience really enjoyable, thanks.”
– Bonni, Bulverde, Texas

“This is to inform you that I had one client complete the 60 hour floral design program at Anthony’s School of Floral Designs of Texas At San Antonio. She successfully completed the course and received her diploma. She was employed by a local florist. The program provided her with the necessary skills to enter and maintain employment.”
– Alice Gomez, Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, Texas Rehabilitation Commission

These letters with student phone numbers are available for public viewing at our school upon request.